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RocketShip is a Vancouver based startup that

connects local couriers and messengers with delivery work!



Our mission is to modernize the same day messenger industry.

Our Launch Milestones

Alpha - We're Here!

We haven't launched our app publicly yet. We are carefully testing certain key components (Our web and app based interfaces, our package routing engine, Woocommerce integration, and our driver app) with real customers on a small scale while we build out the rest of our software infrastructure.

We've retained a small pool of drivers and partnered with a few local businesses in the Vancouver area. We will continue to calibrate our software and internal processeses until the user experience is perfect.

At this time we are offering Same Day service with a 2 p.m. cutoff time, and Next Day service with an 8 p.m. cutoff time (orders placed the evening prior).

If you're interested in working with us in the alpha development stage (as a shipper) please reach out to us at


At this stage we will begin offering our services publicly for both B2B and B2C use.
We will continue to build our team of independant vehicle owner-operators while system integrations are developed and deployed for major e-commerce platforms and shipping services.
The quickest service level available at this stage will be 2-3 hour ("rush") service. This will allow us to dial in our routing and staffing guidelines while guaranteeing on-time delivery.

The largest vehicles available at this stage will be SUV's. Bicycle service in Downtown Vancouver will not yet be available. We will not be transporting dangerous goods at this stage.
If you're interested in working with us in the beta development stage please subscribe using the form below.

Full Launch

After we launch publicly anybody will have access to our same-day and next-day messenger services using our app, website, and stock integrations.

Service times will be as fast as 30 minutes for direct door to door service.

We plan to grow our driver pool to guarantee service availability across the Lower Mainland through the work day and into the evening. Our fleet will include passenger vehicles, cargo vans, cube vans, and bicycles in urban areas.

Available services will range from on-demand pickup and delivery, to custom "milk-run" logistics suited to your business. We welcome you to reach out to us before launch to discuss your needs and vision.

Our office staff and drivers will be TDG certified and available to handle your last minute logistics needs.

We are working hard to develop a fair rate structure that is consistent with industry best-practices. We welcome negotiations for volume rates.
If you require enterprise level integration our team of engineers can design a custom solution that allows you to leverage our delivery network while operating within your own systems.

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Our smartphone app will let you

keep track of your current and past shipments at a glance.

Create a shipment from anywhere.

Oh... and Anyone can use it.




Track your driver in real time.

Pay with your credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet.

We capture signatures and photos for Proof of Delivery.


Choose your speed.

You pay for only the speed you need.

The less urgent your delivery is, the more you save.


Manage everything in one place.

Create and track your shipments, print shipping labels, and manage your account on our website.


Built with Retailers in Mind.

From day one we will support any online store built with WooCommerce.

(The most popular and customizable online selling platform)

We will continue to roll out support for other e-commerce platforms.


Take your time back.

Too much going on? Running behind?

Quickly create shipments in bulk with a spreadsheet.

We'll handle the rest.


Need help selling online?

If you are a bricks and mortar business we can help you start selling online.

Fill out the form below, and one of our team members will reach out to you directly.

Our team will work with you to set your business up online for same day delivery success.


Drive with RocketShip.

We are looking for independent owner/operators to join our family! Work as much or as little as you want.

RocketShip drivers are independent contractors, which means you're in charge of having your own tools (car, smartphone, dolly/cart, bag, etc.), setting your own hours, and deciding what you're going to earn.

Our driver app will make it easy to submit your availability, view your schedule, sign in for work, manage your pick-ups / drop-offs, and keep moving while on shift. Work is added to your route in real time as it comes in.


You just have to focus on the road, bump the tunes, and let us take care of the route planning!

If you've ever been a ride-share or food delivery driver, you will appreciate the functionality cooked into our driver app.


How much do you pay?

We charge our shippers a unique rate that depends on what type of package is being delivered, how fast it needs to arrive, how far the driver must go, and how heavy / large the package is. There is also a fuel surcharge that varies depending on overnight fuel prices.

Drivers are entitled to a commission that is currently set at 66% of the delivery charge.

(The remaining 34% is used to support our platform and network.)

What you can expect to earn will depend on how long/often you work, how may packages fit in your vehicle, and how well you interact with the public.


Full time drivers can expect average earnings between $18 and $28 dollars per hour (estimated.)


Let's do this!

Ready to earn? Let's get to know you!

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RocketShip is a Vancouver based startup that connects local couriers and messengers with delivery work




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